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Date: 21/07/2017

All final year student are hereby in formed to note the schedule of final year project Stage I work. The TW should be examined by approved internal faculty on the basis of following:
v  Scope and objective of the project work.
v  Extensive Literature survey.
v  Progress of the work (Continuous assessment)
v  Report in prescribed University format.

Please note the stages of your project.

Name of Phase
Details of phase
Group  wise presentation date

Project title selection
1.    Each group to submit atleast three title 3 choices of project titles
2.    Confirmation  on title  with discussion with panel

29/07/17 and 31/07/17
Initiation phase presentation
Student must make sure following have been defined
3.    Project goals
4.    Objectives
5.    Risks
6.    Budget
7.    Timescale
8.    literature survey (Min. 4 paper )
9.    Your Approach




you will research whether the project is feasible and if it should be undertaken
Analyzing the needs/requirements
1.    Creating the work breakdown structure;
2.    Identifying the activities needed to complete the work
3.    Estimating the resource requirements for the activities;
4.    Developing the schedule;
5.    Risk planning


During the development phase, everything that will be needed to implement the project is arranged.


This phase involves the construction of the actual project result.
Project management plan's s are executed accordingly
27/10/17 and 28/09/2017

We expect that you complete 25-30% of work in Implementation phase in project stage I.

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