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SE                       TE                              BE            Gate Syllabus 



DSDL                                       EDC-I                                   OOPM

BCE                                         MP-I       CEL-II                  CEL-I                                      MCAL

ACEL-II                                  ELECT                                   IVP                                        ACEL-I

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UT I results All classes

IE I RESULTS Name of Department :- EXTC Class:-SE -BE EXTC Sem - IV DATE :-24 FEB 2018 to28Feb 2018 Name of Subject.→ EDC-II LIC PCE AM-IV SS # OF FAILURES RN. Name of Student

Report on Four days workshop on Internet of Things and serial buses”

“Internet of Things and serial buses”Academic Year 2017-18
Resourceperson:Mr. Rajesh Ragaseand Mr. Anand A. Raut Prolificsystem & Technologies Private Limited, Pune.
Coordinator:Mr. S. S. Bhandare (AssistantProfessor, EXTC RMCET)
Aboutworkshop:ThefourdaysintensiveworkshoponInternet of Things (IoT) conductedbyProlificsystem & TechnologiesPrivateLimitedtoinvolvestudentsinacohesivedrivewiththeacademiaandindustrytowardsexcellenceinInternet of Things (IoT) technology. This workshop is an attempt to cover material relevant to giving students necessary knowledge and skill set to appreciate the rapid changing scenario in Internet of Things (IoT) and take advantage of this in furthering their career. Practical/laboratory sessions are held, which will supplement the knowledge disseminated during the lecturesessionswithadequatehandsonexperience. Workshopisinstructor-led,lab-intensivecourses

Congratulations ! Ms. Shalaka Rajesh Rao

Congratulations !
Ms. Shalaka Rajesh Rao (B.E.-EXTC) For Selection in
Bhilwara Infotechnology LTD Bangalore (Annual Package- Rupees 1,80,000/-)
Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering