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One day workshop on “Virtual Lab”

Academic Year 2017-18
One day workshop on “Virtual Lab”

Title:One day workshop on “Virtual Lab” for Diploma students.
Coordinator: Ms.P.S.Ghubade-Patil & Ms.S.B.Kamble
Objective of workshop:i) To create awareness about Virtual Lab,Practical demonstration of different virtual labs.
                                       ii) To understand, install and use virtual labs.
About Workshop:
Electronics & Telecommunication engineering department always arranges seminars and workshops to facilitate students to get knowledge in various fields. Diploma Students who are doing Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (E&TC) have better scope in future if they utilize their engineering labs in the right manner.
Virtual Lab is to provide good lab facilities and updated lab experiments that are critical for any engineering college. Physical distances and the lack of resources often make it difficult to perform experiments, especially when they involve sophisticated instruments. The Virtual Labs project addresses this issue of lack of good lab facilities, by making remote experimentation possible.
A hand on training was provided to the diploma students with the help of Virtual Labs. 80% of time was utilized for hand-on.
This one day workshop was held on 24th Feb 2018. Student gained valuable hands-on experience.
Number of Beneficiary: 43 students from Government Polytechnic, Ratnagiri
URL Used:
Venue: CAD and Simulation Lab, EXTC Department,RMCET,Ambav
Course Contents:
1)         Introduction to virtual Labs.
2)         Basics of Basic Electronics and Hybrid Electronics Lab.
3)         Practical demonstration of experiments.
Hands on experience of virtual lab experiments to students.


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